Yesterday, we presented our September workshop, Seven Secrets for Better Time Management & Study Habits, just in time for the new school year. Improving time management skills and building better study habits are critical to success at all ages, and it's no wonder that parents frequently ask us for tips on how to help their students develop in these ways.

Our methods for staying focused and being more productive are based on research, and take advantage of how certain areas of the brain physically change in response to efforts to build good time management and study habits.

In this presentation, we covered:

  • Minimizing mental clutter by choosing the right study setting and music
  • Prioritizing effectively (not always starting with the most important tasks first!)
  • How stress and anxiety physically affect the brain, and how to train your brain to be stronger in the areas that handle higher-order thinking and memory
  • and more!

If you missed our workshop, click below to download our slides and handout, and be sure to check our Workshop page (linked below) for our next event.


The Cortex Team

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