Consultant Policies


  • For each student, use the Master Plan and a Session Notes & Assignments document. The Session Notes & Assignment doc should be an ongoing record of all work done in sessions as well as assignments to be done between sessions.
  • For College Admissions Consulting, create accounts on CommonApp and UCApp to gain easy access to due dates, essay prompts, and other important information.

Scheduling Sessions

  • Do not cancel sessions within 24 hours before the scheduled time. If you must cancel within 24 hours, email James to let him know.
  • Sessions cancelled by a student or parent within 24 hours before the scheduled time are non-refundable barring sudden illness or emergency. No penalty is incurred if the consultant can reschedule conveniently or if the student can meet over Skype at the original time.

Between Sessions

  • Email meeting and homework recap within 48 hours after a session.
  • For every hour spent in session, spend about 20-40 minutes, but no more than 1 hour on essay feedback and emails. Do no more than 1 round of essay revisions between sessions.
  • Respond to all inquiries within 48 hours, ideally 24 hours. Avoid emailing past 8pm.
  • For Foundational Consulting occurring on the monthly meeting schedule (this has been phased out and is rare among new students), do biweekly check-ins: email students to check in on progress and ask if student needs quick (10-15 minute) phone call.  
  • You may send session reminders to students 24 hours in advance.

Organization & Upkeep

  • In your session tracker, please do the following once per month:
    • Read the announcements
    • Complete the action items
    • Update your availability by indicating how many more students you can take on at the current time.