Application: Essay Specialist

  • You will work remotely to reliably and consistently review students’ application essays within 48 hours during business days (Monday-Friday).

    • You may specify "blackout dates" (e.g., during finals week or vacations); during these dates, you will not have any new essays assigned. Blackout dates would comprise of no more than 8 business days on any given month. 

  • You will share comments on Google Docs relating to mechanics (syntax, grammar, concision) as well as content (ideas, organization, concision). The goal of the essay review process is to educate students and train them to become stronger writers. You will provide explanatory comments so that students can learn from feedback and apply it to the next draft.

  • On average, you will likely have 2-8 hours of essay review per week, but this is not a guarantee (workflow may ebb and flow with application deadlines for summer programs, scholarships, and of course, college admissions).  

  • There would never be an expectation to complete more than 2 hours of essay review assigned in any given day, but you are welcome to optionally take on additional hours.

  • Compensation is $25/hour.

As a next step, please complete the application below. We will follow up with you after we receive your application. Thank you for your interest!

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We currently have two programs: Foundational Consulting and College Admissions Consulting. Please visit our Services pages to get an understanding of the work we do, and confirm that you have done so. *
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If you have any questions, please contact Amy Do at Thank you for applying!