Curriculum Development Specialist
Hourly, flexible, remote position (8-10 hr/week)


Cortex, founded by three siblings who attended Stanford, Yale, and Dartmouth, is leading a movement to refocus education on personal development, not just grades and scores.

Unlike traditional educational services, we don't simply help students increase scores and write grammatically correct application essays. Instead, we use college consulting and SAT prep as vessels to help students develop into growth-minded, self-reflective change makers. We inspire and empower our students to authentically identify what matters to them, and to successfully pursue those objectives at the college of their dreams. If you believe that education should be about growth and not just scores and grades, join our movement by applying to be a Curriculum Development Specialist.

As a Curriculum Development Specialist, your primary role will be to support our Consultant team by building and distributing informational guides, homework assignments, and other resources in response to student needs. Strong research, writing, and organizational skills are key to this position.


    • All work can be done remotely.


    • Work remotely 8-10 hr/week, preferably on a regular weekly schedule in which your available work time is spread across 3-5 days/week.
      • We have no preference as to what time of day you work, or on which days you work. The schedule is very flexible in that sense.
      • For example, 8-10am every Monday through Friday is as acceptable as 7-10pm every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
    • Flexible scheduling:
      • If you know that your availability will change for a period of time (e.g., if a busy period at work or school is coming up) you can always let your supervisor know and we will adjust your work load.
      • You can also change your regular weekly work schedule at any time.


    • $25/hr for work time logged.
      • At 8-10 hr/week, this equals approximately $10,000/year.
    • Note: this position is an hourly contractor position.


    • Outstanding organizational skills; extremely detail-oriented
    • Resourceful, proactive, scrappy, and entrepreneurial
    • Creative, solutions-oriented thinker
    • Strong speaking and writing skills - key for communication with team as well as written communication with students and parents
    • Experience with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides


    Your actual tasks will vary depending on the projects you manage. Here are some examples:

    • Research:
      • Compile recommended college lists (e.g., lists of top schools for a particular major/field of study).
      • Compile recommended extracurricular activity and scholarship lists.
    • Create:
      • Put together checklists for the college application process.
      • Create one-sheeters with tips for students on various topics (e.g., time management, organization).
      • Create homework assignments to help students develop skills/habits such as time management, organization, initiative, self-reflection, and leadership.
    • Interact:
      • Answer student and parent questions via email and in our online portal, using materials in our curriculum (and write new materials if they don't yet exist).
      • Coordinate with Cortex's leadership team to determine next steps for building materials to better serve and support our students and parents.

    If you think this position is a good fit for you, click below to apply!