The Cortex Team

The Founders

Our innovative consulting approach is designed by three Mission San Jose High School graduates who were accepted to Yale, Stanford, Dartmouth, Duke, CalTech, Cornell, UPenn, Johns Hopkins, and every UC.


Amy Do

Amy graduated with highest honors from Dartmouth as a Presidential Scholar, majoring in Economics and Psychological & Brain Sciences. 

Since 2003, she has helped over 200 students with college applications. 


Daniel Do

Daniel is a scholar of Cognitive Science and Philosophy at Yale.

As a transfer applicant from UC Irvine, he was admitted to Yale, Duke, Dartmouth, UPenn, Johns Hopkins, and many other top universities.


James Do

James graduated from Stanford with a B.A. in Human Biology. He then achieved his J.D. (Doctor of Law) and worked at one of the world's most influential tech law firms. He is a co-founder of Perfect 1600, the Bay Area's leading SAT prep company.

The Consultants

We carefully select every Consultant based on their ability to bring out the best in their students through personal connection and inspiration.

Every consultant has years of mentoring experience, and holds one or more degrees from top universities.


Maria Interrante


Michelle Atallah

Cecilia Stanford.jpg

Cecilia Lang-Ree


Samir Malhotra

Sarah Cramer

Nirosha Harvard.jpg

Nirosha Perera

Jimmy Stanford.jpg

Jimmy Ruck

Nikesh Stanford.jpg

Nikesh Patel


Kyle Randall

Arifeen Harvard.jpg

Arifeen Rahman


Karla Gonzalez

Kelly Yale.jpg

Kelly Wu